This site is the successor to The Restoration Website, which remains on air for now at it’s original location. We are making this change because I have had a personal awakening and have learned many new things I wish to share, but which are not compatible with the same old stuff.

I do not consider myself to be a Christian anymore in any traditional sense of the word. I believe in GOD, but my concept of God is so far evolved past anything that so called “Christianity” embraces that it is like night and day. We will soon be doing a webcast on the subject of who and what is God, and I recommend that you listen to it carefully.

Yes, there is a God, but none of man’s religions, including the tired and worn out Churches of God, come even close to understanding Him in any meaningful sense of the word. Let me illustrate just one small point.

The traditional religions of man view God as some celestial King sitting on His Throne, frowning down on a sinning mankind and hurling down thunderbolts on “sinners.” He also “passes judgment” on the dead, who are either sent to a Heaven if they were good or a Hell if they were bad in this life.

They thus treated God as some kind of human King and thought He organized the universe accordingly, which is not true at all. “God” actually IS the Universe, or the Force, or whatever you want to call it. He doesn’t judge the way that men would judge things because He doesn’t think the way that men would think. He is so far above all of this stuff going on down here it is like night and day.

My position on the Bible has also changed. I no longer believe it is the literal word of God, in the sense that He “dictated it” to various scribes down through the ages. I also know that certain important books that were in the original Bible, like the Book of Enoch, were ripped out by the Catholic Church and repressed because they didn’t like what it said. Never mind that certain passages of what is in the New Testament are direct quotes from the Book of Enoch, or that it is not possible to understand certain portions of the Bible without this knowledge.

The Plain Truth is that the Bible was tampered with by evil men who tore things out they didn’t like and inserted some things they liked. Thus, even though the Bible is an ancient book filled with great wisdom, to say that it is word for word the “Word” of God is flawed at best. However, the Bible IS still like a jigsaw puzzle and you can’t fully understand it without putting the pieces together on each subject as we have always taught. It would be foolish to just toss the whole thing in the trash too. So we draw on it as a source of wisdom.

As to my thoughts on the reptilians, Nibiru, etc., at this point let me just state the following. I will elaborate further as time permits and as the subject comes up. I believe what the Bible calls “angels” are actually shape shifting aliens from Nibiru whose ultimate form is reptilian. You can read a whole chapter on this on our old website. It needs serious revision, but as far as it goes, Secret Mysteries of the Ages is still mostly correct.

Nibiru was called “heaven” in ancient times, and “heaven” is where the “gods” came from. Primarily, the faction that reached this planet was the negative faction, because there “was war in heaven [Nibiru], and Satan [the leader of the losing side in the war] fought against God Almighty the GOD OF ARMIES. Since “god” had 2/3 of the angels on his side, he defeated his rival and banished him and the majority of his “angels” to this planet. He plans to come back on the next passage of Nibiru and finish the job, and banish them to a “bottomless pit” on Nibiru.

Thus, the being that we know as Yahweh, or the “personal god” is none other than the King of Nibiru. He is not to be confused with the Force, or the Universe, which is actually the true GOD. In this respect, he is sort of an impostor, albeit a very powerful one. From our limited perspective, he and his council of gods in heaven ARE gods as they are far more powerful than we are, but they are NOT GOD in the ultimate sense, although they may have convinced themselves by now that they are.

The Annunaki are one of the first civilized races to have evolved in the universe. They date from the dawn of time and have very long lifespans. However, they have stagnated while much younger races have finally discovered who they were, what they were, and progressed to the next level. Meanwhile, the Annunaki are stuck running around in circles chasing their tails. I am convinced they are caught up in this dualistic so called reality, and still see the physical universe as real. They have never come to grips with the problems of the ego, and have never progressed any further than they are now. They are technologically very advanced. Satan is the champion of the technological path. It is his belief that competition is the right way to go and that it is every “man” for himself. He is the originator of the divide and conquer method used to rule this world, because, behind the scenes, he is the ruler of this world.

Yahweh, on the other hand, is close to enlightenment but is still missing the mark. He and his angels realize that cooperation is the right way of life, and that love is the main force in the universe. However, they are somehow still missing the mark. I don’t know how, but they still don’t get it correctly, whatever “it” is.

The human race somehow, for all of its backwardness, has the ability to discover what this missing ingredient is, but Satan is fighting tooth and nail to keep us down so that we will not discover it. However, his days are now extremely limited, because if humanity doesn’t become enlightened and ruin his party, then one of these days soon Yahweh is going to arrive and wipe him and his angles out. One way or the other, he is toast, but he stubbornly refuses to admit it and has conned the world’s governments into thinking that “he” is a “hostile alien from outer space, the enemy of mankind,” when nothing can be further from the truth.

World governments have aligned themselves with Satan and his aliens because they buy into his philosophies. They have picked the loosing side, and will soon find out why Yahweh is called “God Almighty,” because, as far as they are concerned, HE IS GOD and can wipe them all out in an instant.

However, all of this drama aside, I believe the wisest course for humanity is to NOT take sides and NOT get involved in this insanity anymore. Because this constant bickering and warfare is one of the reasons the Annunaki have not evolved but have stagnated.

This whole situation on this planet is totally out of control, and if it is not set right, both the human race and the Annunaki will cease to exist.

It’s just that serious and we must raise our collective consciousnesses before it’s too late.

Listen to our podcasts for full information. The older podcasts I upload to The Bible Study Chanel I no longer agree with everything that is said. Nevertheless, the information is important.

You may still find out old website at: http://destiny-worldwide.net/rcg/

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